Stanmore I
Where to start? Well for a while I've wanted to visit places on the underground that i've never been to - and so what i've decided to do is to visit all the stations on the Jubilee line to start with - and with that in mind - me and the Pentacon went up to the end of the line - Stanmore. It's amazing what you find at the end of tube lines - London becomes the suburbs, the architecture changes dramatically, and suddenly places feel like seperate little towns rather than part of London. What struck me about Stanmore were the large numbers of dentists and doctors in normal residential houses. It's the kind of thing you never really see in central london. Anyway I was snapping a picture of a house - with an interesting spiral staircase in concrete - when this chap asks me if i'm photographing his house - and obviously I was - we got chatting and I took his pic. On to the Pentacon - well it's an incredible camera to use - so much feedback from the beast - a joy to use. Obviously everything is manual - and sadly what with the cold and my wonderment at Stanmore I was a little bit lax on my meter readings etc. but when the pictures are exposed correctly - wow! I'm seriously addicted to this camera ... look out for lots more.