Kilburn Daylife
I saw my dad yesterday and he brought over a little gift for me - a 'new' camera! Well this one is a bit special - you see it seems when people hear that you are getting into taking shots with different weird russian cameras, that everyone has one they've bought from a boot sale and never use. Well this camera belonged to my cousin who sadly died earlier this year and my uncle thought that I might like it to use. It's a Zenit 11 - a beast of a machine - one of those russian jobs that sounds like a minor explosion has occured when you fire the shutter! The lens is a Helios 58mm (apparently normal for russian optics) f2.0 - so nice and fast and also nice and sharp! I've been looking for a nice mechanical slr for a while so that I can take it out in the rain without worrying too much about fizzing electronics... So I took it out around the 'burn and here are some of the results.... overall - pretty pleased.