Dicksdaily is a daily photo blog. Unlike most other photo blogs out there - the pictures you see on this site have been taken on the day that they are listed under. I have taken a picture everyday now for over ten years. Dicksdaily was set up before the idea of the 365 existed - but if you like it's a 10x365 project. Photos are taken on range of cameras from old film, Polaroid or pinhole to DSLr and cameraphone. My pictures are taken to represent my day, a visual diary if you like, rather than for simple artistic merit. Sometimes I like to take something pretty, sometimes I just take what's in front of me. Athought I take a picture everyday - I don't get to update my site everyday - there might be periods when the site is not updated for a few weeks - I will always come back though and the daily photos are always taken - subscribe to my RSS feed and you'll be updated when the site is. The site was originally very London biased - where I lived - but now it's centred around my life in Cornwall. UK.